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How to Spot the Best Fabric for Clothing

Whether you’re hoping to create your own beautiful clothing or you’re shopping for a new wardrobe, there’s a lot that goes into picking the best possible garments. While there’s obviously the style and designer to think about, perhaps one of the most important factors to consider is the material that gets used. So before you go ahead and purchase that next garment, here’s what you need to look at where the fabric is concerned.


Understanding Your Own Personal Tastes

Before we get too far into this discussion, it’s worth pointing out that there is no one best fabric. There are certainly a number that people seem to enjoy the most, but it always comes down to an opinion. So the best fabric for your particular clothing will have a lot to do with your personal style, any allergies you may have to other fabrics and which one’s you’ve been exposed to.

What is important, though, is understanding the difference between your favorite fabric and imitation versions. For example, you may really love silk. A lot of people do. However, that means you need to look into which companies actually use silk and which simply use a polyester material that feels very similar, but not quite the same and won’t hold up for as long.

"Checking the tag can obviously help a lot, but some companies find ways around being strictly honest. So it’s best to do your research."

Choosing for an Outfit You’re Making

Some of you may be trying to create your own outfit and therefore need to think of which materials you will use to pull off the desired result. One of the easiest ways to go about this process is to find outfits that are at least similar to yours. Then, find out what kind of materials the designer used to make them.

"Obviously, whatever material they chose were both comfortable and moved well with the outfit. If you can find an actual example of the outfit in real life, you’re in even better luck and can go out and see how it feels by trying it on."

Look Out for Frayed Fabric

Finally, one tell tale sign that a fabric on a piece of clothing is not what you want is by inspecting it closely for frays or splits. No matter what type of material we’re talking about, it’s not worth your time if it’s falling apart at the seams.

How to Shop for Your Husband

At least a few times a year, every wife faces the same challenge: buying clothes for her husband. Men often have a much more streamlined style than their better halves, meaning their clothes generally all fall into a much narrower sense of fashion. Nonetheless, they can be deceptively difficult to shop for where clothing is concerned. So consider the following methods to make sure he gets what he wants.


Sports Gear

Although this may not apply to every man out there, most husbands in this country love at least one sport, probably football or rugby. So buying them that jersey they've had their eye on will always make for an easy win.

Know Their Wardrobe

Always keep an eye on their wardrobe. Chances are you already do to some degree, but pay close attention to what he wears and what sits and collects dust. Obviously, you want to focus on getting him more of the former and less of the latter.

Take Notes While You’re Out

Whenever you get an opportunity, ask him about other pieces of clothing you see. For example, if you’re in the mall and pass by some displays you think he may like, subtly gauge his interest. Sometimes, he may even be helpful enough to come right out and say what kinds of clothing he sees and likes.

Keep Up to Date on His Measurements

No matter what kinds of clothing he’s into, if you don’t know your husband’s sizes, you’ll have a lot of work ahead of you. You could also spend a lot of money on purchasing him something that won’t fit.
Sometimes men buy their own clothing simply because they need a different size. This is where it pays dividends to always keep an eye on his wardrobe. If you see something has changed, it may be because he gained or lost a little weight and needed a different size. Take not for the next time you go shopping.

Ask His Friends

You may not think it, but plenty of men talk about clothes when they’re on their own. So it pays to ask your husband’s friends about what kinds of clothes he may be into. If nothing else, you can show them a piece of clothing for a second opinion.

Shopping for your husband doesn't need to be impossible. In fact, so long as you follow the above advice, you can add to your husband’s wardrobe in ways he will love.